The Work of Dennis Oppenheim to Be Spotlighted at Both the Hogue Gallery and the Zarrow Center

Nov 5, 2014

On this edition of our program, we are talking about the fascinating and far-reaching work of Dennis Oppenheim (1938-2011), the American conceptual artist, performance artist, earth artist, sculptor, photographer, and filmmaker. TU's School of Art will soon present a double-venued exhibition entitled "Dennis Oppenheim: Architecture/Not Architecture, Landscape/Not Landscape," which will be on view at the Alexandre Hogue Gallery (on the TU campus) as well as the Zarrow Center for Art and Education (in downtown Tulsa's Brady Arts District). The School of Art will host an opening reception for this show tomorrow, Thursday the 6th, from 5pm till 7pm at the Hogue Gallery. Our guest on ST is Kirsten Olds, an art professor here at TU, who curated this show -- and who relied heavily on the ideas and efforts of her students in doing so.