WIld fires Sweep Across Oklahoma

Undated – Okla residents leave homes as grass fires close in

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Flames from several large grass fires have forced residents from their homes in central Oklahoma.

Two large grass fires near Goldsby scorched about 1,000 acres Friday and homes near the Riverwind Casino have been evacuated.

Meghan Williams, who lives in the Crystal Lakes addition, says she decided to leave after the smoke grew thicker and more pungent, and when McClain County Sheriff's deputies asked residents to leave. Williams says residents were told they could only return to retrieve pets and a few things.

She left the house with her cat to go to a relative's home in Moore.

Tom Thompson, also a Crystal Lakes resident, said the smoke is quite thick and he's seen embers flying through the air as he prepared to leave.

Meanwhile, other wild fires have been reported southwest of Tulsa in portions of Creek, Okmulgee and Ofuskee. Another large fire was burning in portions of Osage County near Skiatook Lake.