The Why, the How, and the What's Next Regarding Oklahoma's Alarmingly High Women-Incarceration Rate

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On this edition of our show, we're talking about the very high percentage of women who are incarcerated in Oklahoma. Our state has long "led the nation" in this awful and embarrassing statistic --- in fact, in recent years, Oklahoma has had a per-capita rate of women in prison that is approximately **twice** the national average. Our guest on StudioTulsa today is Susan Sharp, who is the Semrod Presidential Professor of Sociology at the University of Oklahoma. She's written a number of books, and more than 30 articles and essays, about how issues like female incarceration and drug-abuse seriously affect both families and individuals; her research into these matters has been the backbone of an award-winning academic career. Prof. Sharp recently testified before the State's House Human Services Committee on the topic of how our state's alarmingly elevated women-incarceration rate affects families --- and, indeed, affects generations.