"What's the Matter with Kansas?" --- On-screen, Locally, at the Circle Cinema

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On today's show, we speak with Joe Winston, director of the new, 90-minute documentary film, "What's the Matter with Kansas?" The bestselling book of this title, written by Thomas Frank and first published four or five years ago, basically explores two questions: a.) How did conservatives win the heart of America? and b.) Why do socially conservative citizens embrace politicians and leaders whose economic policies run so completely counter to their own middle-class (or lower-middle-class) financial situations? In his film, Winston sets out to put these two questions --- sincerely, and intelligently, and not aggressively --- before real people from across the Sunflower State. As he tells our host Rich Fisher on today's program, the Kansans whom he profiles in this film have since assured him that he depicts them (and their views) fairly. Both Winston and Frank will be on-hand for a Screening and Q&A event at the Circle Cinema tomorrow night, Friday the 9th, when the film opens locally here in Tulsa. (For more information, you can check out circlecinema.com and whatsthematterwithkansas.com.)