What a Satanic Parody Twitter Account Can Teach Businesses

Aug 15, 2014

The parody Twitter account @BaphometOKC has racked up nearly 1,400 followers on the social media site in seven months.
Credit @BaphometOKC

A demonic parody Twitter account can teach Oklahoma small businesses a thing or two about social media.

Nearly 1,400 people follow @BaphometOKC for funny tweets about the proposed Satanic monument at the state Capitol. That’s a lot of exposure in just seven months, and Alex Joseph with digital media convention Confluence said it’s why he conducted a live Twitter interview today with the person behind the handle.

"We were trying and hoping that, that won't be taken the wrong way, since we did conduct just a comical interview that no way represents who we are or what we believe," Joseph said.

It’s more than funny posts that’s racking up followers for Baphomet and other parody accounts about Oklahoma state issues.

"All these parody accounts are really doing a great job of staying active," Joseph said. "I think that's the key to social media, is just staying active and growing a following. You can't just lag behind."

Joseph also reached out to a parody account for the 10 Commandments monument. Confluence takes place next month in Oklahoma City.