What to Do With Old Ballpark?

Tulsa, OK – Since this is the last season that the Tulsa Drillers will be playing at Drillers Stadium located at the fairgrounds, the Tulsa County Public Facilities Authority, also known as the "Fair Board", has started the process of considering what would be the best and greatest use of the property where the stadium now sits.

To address this the Authority has appointed the Driller Stadium Property Committee under the leadership of Authority Chairman Fred Perry. The Committee wants to hear from Tulsa County citizens on their thoughts for the future use of this property.

To provide a framework within which the Committee will evaluate all ideas and suggestions, a set of Master Principles was established as a guide. These are:
Preserve the primary purpose of the site to serve as a regional public amenity.
Only the highest and best uses which are compatible with and promote the greater good for the general population should be considered
A wide range of uses should be encouraged to create an active, vibrant, and everyday community gathering place. This could include places where one can shop, learn, play and enjoy entertainment.
All uses should serve, compliment, be compatible and part of the adjoining neighborhoods as well as the greater community.
All redevelopment/improvements should contribute to an overall vision of the whole site.

To take part in the sruvey, go to TulsaCounty.org