Water Rates May Rise

Mar 25, 2013

Credit KWGS News

The Tulsa Metropolitan Utility Authority proposes another increase in water and wastewater rates.

The increase would be seven percent for water and nine percent for sewer.

The City’s Water and Sewer Director Clayton Edwards says that’s about on par with rate increases of the previous few years.

“Last year when we had similar rates for an average customer,” Edwards said, “it increased the monthly bill about $3.75.”

“We’re probably looking at a similar increase,” he said, in the “neighborhood of three, four dollars increase per month.”

The average water and sewer bill in Tulsa is around $55, Edwards said.

The revenue would pay down debts and fund water and sewer infrastructure improvements.

The City Council will have to approve the rate increase, which would be for fiscal year 2014, and would go into effect starting October 1.