Warning Issued Over Locksmith Scam

May 1, 2013

Credit file photo

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — State labor officials are warning Oklahomans to be wary of hiring unlicensed alarm installers or locksmiths.

Labor Commissioner Mark Costello says the agency has received numerous complaints of unlicensed locksmiths and is launching sting operations to target those individuals. Costello says two of his inspectors were nearly struck by a vehicle while conducting a sting operation last week in Tulsa.

The Department of Labor conducts criminal background checks as part of its licensing process for locksmiths.

Costello says it's particularly dangerous for consumers to provide their keys and access to their homes to an unlicensed locksmith whose criminal background would prevent them from getting a state license.

He urges anyone who hires a locksmith to ask for their proof of licensure.

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