Waiting List Closed, Will be Purged as Tulsa Housing Authority Changes Systems

Aug 18, 2017

Credit Tulsa Housing Authority

The waiting list for public housing in Tulsa is now closed and will be purged on Sept. 29.

Those actions are part of the process to change from a centralized waiting list to individual lists for all 13 properties owned by the Tulsa Housing Authority.

"We will still be working from the waiting list that we currently have, we're just not accepting new people onto that list," said THA President Aaron Darden. "So, we'll house as many people as we can up until that point."

The change will allow residents more choice in where they live. Currently, the first applicant on the waiting list is offered the next available unit out of more than 2,200, wherever it is in the city. If they reject three, they must reapply.

THA hopes the site-specific waiting lists will reduce turnover rates.

Like the current system, the new one will be online only. Darden said they have Tulsans without internet access covered.

"They can show up at any of the properties' offices, and the property staff will be able to assist them in getting their application submitted online," Darden said.

The new waiting list will open Oct. 2.