Voter ID Rulings Encourage Challenger of Oklahoma Law

May 5, 2014

Credit KWGS News

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Recent court decisions in Wisconsin and Arkansas regarding voter ID laws have given heart to a Tulsa woman who is challenging Oklahoma's voter ID law.

University of Tulsa law professor Jim Thomas represents Tulsan Delilah Christine Gentges in a case now before an Oklahoma County District Court. The Tulsa World reports that the lawsuit has followed a winding trail that has taken it from Tulsa County District Court to the Oklahoma Supreme Court and now to Oklahoma County.

The latest Wisconsin ruling, by a federal judge, held that state's law violates the Voting Rights Act and the 14th Amendment because it is more likely to keep eligible voters from the ballot box

On Friday, a state court ruled Arkansas' voter ID law violates a section of that state's constitution.