Voter Deadline Approaches

Oct 9, 2012

If you want to vote in the November 6th presidential election, then you only have through Friday to register. Assistant Election Board secretary Shelly Boggs says the office on North Denver Avenue will stay open late Friday.

“The Tulsa County Election Board is going to stay open till midnight on October the 12th, so that we can give everybody the opportunity to come and either register for the first time or change their address or any information they needed to change. That’s the last day by law.” Boggs says, “Anyone needing to make that change, their change has to postmark by midnight on October the 12th, or in the hands of a voter registration agency, which would be a tag agency or the county election board. So, to make that convenient for anyone who has to make changes or register new, our office at 555 North Denver will be open until Midnight.”

She says the registration if for Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, and you don’t even have to be a Tulsa county resident to register here.

“All parties in Oklahoma, in any county as well, can come to the Tulsa
County Election Board and register through midnight on October the 12th.” Boggs says, “The law was changed several years ago to allow residents of other counties to register to vote in another county, as long as it is within Oklahoma.

Boggs is also putting out the call for precinct officials to work the polls on Election Day.

“We have about 75 to 100 vacancies for substitute precinct officials, and a few of them are for permanent precinct officials. We are going to be having classes beginning the 16th of October. We are going to have about five classes, and we have advertised to reach out to voters who might consider themselves to be very civic minded and want to help out on the November 6th election.” Boggs says, “There’s a little bit of pay with that too. Inspectors are paid 97 dollars in mileage and they’re the ones actually in charge of the precinct. Other officials are paid 87 dollars, and it is a 12 hours day. It is a long day.”

And they’re taking applications now.

Boggs says, “They would call Tulsa County Election Board, you can call 596-5780 or 596-5762, and we will connect that person to the precinct official coordinators to get them signed up.”

And Boggs says you still have time if you need an absentee ballot.

“Absentee voting, people have until the Wednesday prior to the election to apply for an absentee ballot. We always mail ballots out just right up to the week before the election. We will have early voting starting in our office starting November 2nd. Saturday, the hours on Saturday are somewhat shorter. On Friday it’s 8 to 6. On Saturday it’s 8 to 1, and on Monday it’s 8 to 6. The only voting on Tuesdays, November 6th, is at the polling place.”

Again, Friday is the last day to register for the upcoming presidential election and the Tulsa County Election Board will stay open until midnight on Friday.