UPDATE: Poultry Lawsuit

Tulsa, OK – Poultry attorney questions official over sampling

TULSA, Okla. (AP) An attorney for the Arkansas poultry industry has repeatedly questioned an Oklahoma state official about why he didn't want to know more about the results of two water samples taken from his property.

On Monday, Ed Fite, the director of Oklahoma's Scenic Rivers Commission, said he didn't participate in the sampling, and only gave the team directions to his property.

Tom Green, an attorney for the poultry companies, seemed unsatisfied with Fite's answers. Green asked Fite why he wasn't curious enough to ask about what tests were done, or what they showed.

Oklahoma is suing 11 poultry companies, claiming in its 2005 lawsuit that tons of bird waste spread on fields on the Oklahoma-Arkansas border have polluted the Illinois River watershed.

Fite is testifying for the state; Green's questions came on cross-examination.