An Upcoming Conference Here at TU Considers "Power for the 21st Century"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On today's edition of our show, we speak with Jim Roth, a former Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner, an Oklahoma City-based attorney, and a consultant to the National Energy Policy Institute (or NEPI). NEPI will be hosting a day-long conference here on the TU campus tomorrow (Wednesday the 7th) entitled "Power for the 21st Century." Roth, the coordinator of this event, chats with our host Rich Fisher about questions related to America's energy grid, issues of conservation in both the public and private arenas, finding and utilizing alternative energy sources, and the possibilities and problems confronting both consumers and providers of energy at the outset of a new century. (For more information on this conference, please visit the following link: Also on today's program, commentator Barry Friedman considers that perfectly flawless, absolutely problem-free phenomenon known as American healthcare.