Union ROTC to March at Obama's Inauguration

Jan 2, 2013

The Union High School ROTC will march in the inaugural parade. It’s been asked to return for President Obama’s second inauguration.

Senior Master Sergeant Dan Snow says right now they need fundraising to be able to send the students.

“We’re sending out letters and notifications to all local businesses to try to get as much help as we can,” he said, “to try to get these kids down there and back.”

“It’s a once in a life time thing for them,” he added.

Union is the only high school ROTC in the country that was asked to participate in the parade, and it will be Oklahoma’s only representative.

The total cost for a group of about 80 students plus chaperones to take the trip will be about $40,000.

“With the demographics of our group,” Snow said, there are “a lot of single parents, this is right after Christmas. A lot of these families just would not be able to come up with, you know, a hundred, two hundred dollars, for a cadet, three hundred dollars, whatever it would break out to be to get those cadets to go.”  

You can donate at http://www.unionafjrotc.info/