Two or Three of a Kind: Nifty Jazz Tunes from Duos and Trios (on the Next All This Jazz)

Mar 8, 2013

Join us for the forthcoming edition of All This Jazz, which gets underway on Saturday the 9th at 10pm Central on Public Radio 89.5-1. (Plus we'll re-broadcast this show on Sunday the 10th at 7pm on Jazz 89.5-2, which is our all-jazz-all-the-time HD Radio channel.)

As we make the most, hopefully, of this 2nd weekend of the 3rd month of the year, the focal point(s) of our program will be 2's and 3's --- that is, the latter-hour theme for the next All This Jazz will be Duos and Trios. Each week, our 11pm hour carries a theme, and this time around, quite simply, it's two- and three-member jazz combos.

We'll hear several different intimate and/or intricate musical conversations --- a host of dialogues and trialogues, as it were --- including trio performances led by Jimmy Smith and Paul Bley as well as duets from Pat Martino & Gil Goldstein and Jo Jones & Milt Hinton (see album cover attached).

Come on along, dear listeners --- two's company, and in this case, so's three.