Twice the Action, Twice the Fun: Tulsa's Playhouse Theatre Presents "House" and "Garden"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On today's show, we speak with Chris Crawford, Artistic Director of the Tulsa-based Playhouse Theatre company. As part of the SummerStage festival now happening at the Tulsa PAC, this company is presenting (through Sunday the 25th) a pair of distinct yet closely linked plays by the celebrated contemporary British playwright Alan Ayckbourn: "House" and "Garden." These brilliantly constructed plays --- which both also happen to be quite funny --- are presented simultaneously, in two different theatres, using just one cast. The actors have their exits and their entrances, as the Bard might have said, and are therefore perpetually onstage in either one venue or the other --- and the timing, of course, is everything. As Crawford tells our host Rich Fisher, two different plays are definitely being presented here, with two different if overlapping narratives --- but ultimately, to get the "full story" of these works, one must see both performances. Crawford, who serves as director of these two plays, and also plays a role in one of them, further points out that "House" is a bit more cerebral in its humor, while "Garden" gets its laughs in a more physical manner. (For more information, including ticket information, please visit Also on today's show, our commentator Barry Friedman has some insights to share vis a vis popular culture and reality television.