"Twenty Writers on the Albums That Changed Their Lives."

Tulsa, Oklahoma – What's the album that you remember playing all the time during college? Or while in high school? Or what was the first-ever LP --- or CD --- that you bought with your own hard-earned cash? On today's show, we speak with music journalist Peter Terzian, who has just edited a new book called, "Heavy Rotation: Twenty Writers on the Albums That Changed Their Lives." It's a hip, fun-to-read, and refreshingly diverse collection --- with an array of writers discussing an array of pop/rock albums. Inside "Heavy Rotation," we find James Wood on The Who, Stacey D'Erasmo on Kate Bush, Lisa Dierbeck on The Pretenders, Clifford Chase on The B-52s, Martha Southgate on The Jackson 5, Colm Toibin on Joni Mitchell, Joshua Ferris on Pearl Jam, and so forth. Also on today's edition of StudioTulsa, our commentator Barry Friedman has Part II of his three-part Italian travelogue.