TU's Dept. of Geosciences Presents an Address by Dr. Gail Christeson of UT-Austin

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On today's show, we speak by phone with Dr. Gail Christeson of the University of Texas at Austin. At the invitation of TU's Department of Geosciences, and in celebration of Earth Sciences Week, she will deliver a free-to-the-public address tomorrow night (Wednesday the 13th) at 7:30pm in Keplinger Hall on the TU campus. Her talk is entitled, "The Chicxulub Structure --- What an Impact!" As Dr. Christeson explains, the Chicxulub structure is a very large crater --- caused by meteorite impact --- that's buried near the tip of Mexico's Yucat n Peninsula. When this crater's enormously devastating "impact event" occurred, some 65 million years ago, it led to the extinction of the dinosaurs --- and of much other life on Earth. Also on our show today, commentator Barry Friedman offers a fairly detailed yet easy-to-follow set of instructions for anyone who's planning on painting a room in his or her home and/or maintaining a close relationship.