TU's Department of Theatre Presents "Angels in America, Part II: Perestroika"

Tulsa, OK – Today we hear from Lisa Wilson, a professor of theatre here at TU, who's directing Tony Kushner's iconic drama, "Angels in America, Part II: Perestroika." This play will be staged by the TU Theatre Department at the new Lorton Performance Center (on the eastern edge of the TU campus) on Thursday through Sunday: October 6th through the 9th. As Wilson tells us, Kushner's Tony Award- and Pulitzer Prize-winning work is a fantastical, historical, comic, tragic, deeply moving, and brutally honest play. "I want people to be arguing about this play, after they see it," she adds. In one sense, Kushner's masterpiece is a dream-like narrative that depicts modern America amid the turbulent AIDS crisis of the middle 1980s --- but in another, broader sense, it's an all-too-familiar story of an America that's forever falling apart and pulling itself together, a flawed but hopeful macrocosm that's always in the decline yet always on the rise. (For more about this play, including show times and ticket details, please see http://www.utulsa.edu/academics/colleges/Henry-Kendall-College-of-Arts-and-Sciences/Departments-and-Schools/Department-of-Theatre-and-Musical-Theatre/News-Events-and-Publications/Events-Calendar/2011/October/Angels%20in%20America.aspx.)