Tulsa's Pet Overpopulation

Mar 9, 2012

In this three-part KWGS Investigation, we look at the cash drain stray animals have on the city of Tulsa. Over 7,500 animals had to be euthanized at the Tulsa Animal Shelter last year. Each animal euthanasia cost the city nearly $20. We examine why the rate is so high, why Tulsans are not following the law with their pets and what can be done to transform Tulsa to a "No Kill" city.

This series aired during Morning Edition in February, 2012 over Public Radio 89.5-1, KWGS, Tulsa.

Part One - News Director John Durkee takes us inside the Tulsa shelter filled with pets waiting for adoption, a fate which will not come for most.

Part Two - The problem so severe that the city is paying $135,000 for euthanizations. Tulsa Animal Welfare Director Jean Letcher issues dire warning for Spring 2012.

Part Three - Last year, 2/3 of 11,700 animals taken in were euthanized - is the shelter being too aggressive?