Tulsa's Municipal Hiring Freeze Not Thawing

Aug 21, 2013

Mayor Bartlett on a recent RSU-TV program
Credit RSU

Mayor Bartlett says Tulsa's municipal hiring freeze will remain in place indefinitely. The Mayor told KWGS :

DEWEY BARTLETT: "At least until we are fairly certain that the future (revenue) will be relatively consistent."

In April, Mayor Dewey Bartlett ordered the freeze because budget conditions were tight.  He says those conditions remain.

DEWEY BARTLETT: "Right now, we have had several months where our sales tax revenues have been a little bit less than we anticipated. We certainly don't want to hire  people and find ourselves in a situation where we have to left people go."

Bartlett says, however, if a vacancy would create an emergency situation, departments can fill those positions.

The Tulsa World reports that for the fiscal year that ended June 30, city sales tax revenues were 1.4 percent below projections.