Tulsa's Most Wanted Killed By Police

Mar 19, 2017

21-year-old Madison Dickson was Tulsa's Most Wanted.
Credit Tulsa Police

A violent Tulsa crime spree comes  to an end Saturday after 'Tulsa's Most Wanted' is killed on a South Tulsa street.

21-year-old Madison Dickson, wanted for a string of violent crimes in recent weeks, was spotted by Tulsa Police riding in a pick-up truck Saturday afternoon. When pulled over, near 91st and South Harvard, Dickson jumped out of the vehicle and started shooting at police. Officers returned the fire, but no one was struck. As she was running on a sidewalk, near a Jenks School facility, a police officer pulled his car onto the side walk striking her. She was dead at the scene. The driver of the pick-up is being questioned by police.

The barely legal Dickson had a checkered criminal past, mostly for drug related issues. She was accused of several recent shootings. including the shooting of a woman last weekend at the 71st and South Lewis Walgreen's Drug store. She is also suspected of  the shooting of a man, who crashed his car, near 18th and South Peoria. He remains in critical condition. She was wanted of an altercation at a Tulsa Best Buy store where she discharged a gun.