Tulsa's Improvement Package Includes Flood Control

Oct 7, 2013

A sign, warning for a Tulsa area flood danger
Credit KWGS File photo

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Tulsa's proposed $917.8 million capital-improvements package includes funds for flood prevention.

The Tulsa World reports that the capital-improvements package that goes to voters on November 12th includes $3.4 million to assess and begin repair of the Drainage District 12 Levee.

The drainage district stretches 21 miles from Sand Springs to west Tulsa. In 2008, it received an "unacceptable" rating from the Army Corps of Engineers, indicating that a levee has one or more deficiencies that could prevent it from functioning as designed.

Todd Kilpatrick, levee commissioner for the district, says the 70-year-old levee received the unacceptable rating because of its old infrastructure. Kilpatrick says the relief wells do not have the capacity to handle a high-water event.

The levee system has seven pump stations and about 1,800 relief wells.