Tulsa's Horse Patrol

Tulsa, OK – A donation by the Hillcrest Foundation to the Tulsa Community Foundation, will allow the sale of eight City of Tulsa Police horses to use in non-profit programs such as the Tulsa Boys home and other equestrian programs in the city.

"The City of Tulsa's eight horse unit will be a smooth transition for non-profits to use, as each horse had acquired training to be around large crowds, young children and other animals," Mayor Taylor said." I would like to thank the Tulsa Community Foundation and CEO of Hillcrest, Steve Dobbs for finding such a positive solution for these eight horses to continue to serve Tulsa."

Each horse is being appraised and will be sold at fair-market value to the Tulsa Community Foundation. Appraisals will be done as early as next week and money received from the sale of the eight horses will go into the City of Tulsa's general fund.

Tulsa Community Foundation will be accepting donations for non-profits receiving a horse to help with costs for caring and other special needs the horse may need. Checks can be sent to Tulsa Community Foundation, 7030 S. Yale, Ste 600, Tulsa, OK 74136 with Memo line labeled: City of Tulsa Horses Fund.

The reassignment of the Tulsa Police Mounted Patrol Unit was part of an overwhelming sales tax revenue decline and the 2.5% reduction that all City of Tulsa departments were asked to reduce in their general fund spend category. The five police officers previously assigned to the mounted patrol are being reassigned.