Tulsa's Flash Mob for the Arts

May 4, 2014

A Tulsa Flash Mob for the Arts rehearses before taking to the streets of Tulsa.

Brookside, Cherry Street, Utica Square and the Guthrie Greens. They were all sites of a Tulsa Flash Mob Protest of  Mayor Bartlett's proposed budget cuts to the Arts.

The Mayor has proposed laying off employees at the Tulsa Performing Art Center Trust, one worker from the PAC  and  closing the Henethorne Performing Arts Center and moving its employees to different positions.

The "flash mobsters" shut down 15th Street for the impromptu performance and South Peoria near the Channel 2 studios. They also performed at Utica Square and the Guthrie Greens. All the the protest performances were held within 90 minutes.

They handed out fliers, urging those who gathered for the performance to call the Mayor's office and Tulsa City Councilors and demand that the Arts be saved in Tulsa.