The Tulsa Symphony Orchestra Presents "From Heroes to Eternity."

Tulsa, Oklahoma – The Tulsa Symphony Orchestra concludes its current season with a concert at the Tulsa PAC this Saturday night (May 16th) at 7:30pm. The program will include works by Verdi, Wagner, and Richard Strauss; the concert is entitled "From Heroes to Eternity." Our guest on the show today is the TSO's Guest Conductor for this program, Daniel Hege. Hege has for several years served as both Musical Director and Conductor for the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra. He's also worked, over the years, with the Chicago Youth Symphony, the Kansas City Symphony, the Baltimore Symphony, and the Pacific Symphony Orchestra, among others. He speaks with StudioTulsa host Rich Fisher about the strong, complex, energetic --- and often, well, loud --- music that's on the program for this coming Saturday night at the PAC, and about his own career in music.