The Tulsa Symphony Concludes Its Current Season with "Musical Fireworks"

May 4, 2012

On this edition of ST, we welcome the widely accomplished freelance classical conductor Alastair Willis, who will be the Guest Conductor for the Tulsa Symphony when it performs "Musical Fireworks" --- the title for its final concert of the season --- tomorrow night (May 5th) at the Tulsa PAC. The performance begins at 7:30 pm; it will include works by Handel ("Music for the Royal Fireworks"), Haydn ("Concerto for Trumpet"), and Bartok ("Concerto for Orchestra"), with the Haydn selection featuring the symphony's Principal Trumpeter, Tim McFadden. Willis has actually appeared on our show previously --- that is, when he was guest-conducting the Tulsa Symphony in the past --- and on today's show he speaks of how the music on tomorrow night's program is all about excitement, drama, energy, wit, and spectacle. In other words, it's music pertaining to fireworks of both the visual and aural varieties. To learn more about this concert, including questions about ticket prices and availability --- or, for that matter, to learn more about the far-flung and critically acclaimed career of Alastair Willis --- please visit