Tulsa School Superintendent Seeks Technology Improvements

Jan 23, 2013

Credit KWGS News File Photo

Tulsa’s School Superintendent  Keith Ballard says our kids are being left behind. He is reviewing plans for a school bond proposal to address the technology needs of the Tulsa Public Schools district.

Ballard says board members will soon go over the needs in detail.  The proposal could result in a bond issue submitted to voters.

Ballard says, "We're continuing to collect date and to draw up plans that would allow for technology opportunities for our students and I think it's an exciting initiative that we have going."

An advisory group says the Tulsa Public Schools system is out of date.

"My advisory groups are telling us that our kids are being denied the opportunity to learn through technology and that we need to modernize our technology approach," says Ballard.

The board members will hear a proposal at their February 4th meeting.