Tulsa Sales Tax Up Again

Jul 9, 2012

City Reports Sales Taxes, Use Taxes for July Mayor Dewey Bartlett said today that the City of Tulsa’s sales tax revenue for mid-May to mid-June, as reported by the Oklahoma Tax Commission, is increased from the same period last year. Overall, Tulsa received $19,493,777 in sales tax for the period, compared to $17,120,560 a year ago. That increase includes an additional 0.167 percent sales tax that formerly went to Tulsa County but now is funding capital improvement projects from the 2008 Fix Our Streets funding package. The collections are 4.5 percent above budget estimates. The general fund portion, which pays for many day-to-day operating expenses for police, fire and other government services,  is $12,242,150. City Finance Director Mike Kier noted that the general fund portion improved this year but is less than 1 percent more than it was in July 2008 when Tulsa and the nation were entering a sharp economic downturn. The July 2008 general fund sales tax revenue was $12,138,538. “We are always happy to see any increase in revenues, but we are continuing watch expenditures closely as we deal with the problems of paying for public safety personnel in positions formerly funded by federal grants,” said Mayor Dewey Bartlett. “The Justice Department grants were very helpful as the City dealt with its financial crisis, but we must now fund those positions ourselves.” The City received $1,692,821 in use taxes for the period, compared to $1,512,856 received in July last year.  That revenue was 2 percent above  budget estimates.