Tulsa Police Stop Assault Rifles Getting to Gang Members

Jul 15, 2014

Stolen items Gang Unit officers recovered.
Credit Tulsa Police Department

Tulsa Police find nine firearms, ammunition and a ballistic vest within 12 hours of the items being reported as stolen. Officer Leland Ashley says it began with gang unit officers stopping a vehicle, and two assault rifles were found.

"It was connected through the course of interviews. It was determined that the individuals that had stolen the weapons were actually in route to sell these guns to a gang member."

Ashley says the rest of the stolen items were recovered at their residence just blocks from where the vehicle was stopped.

"Investigations let us get these guns off the streets. Ultimately, these guns will get into the hands of gang members where they will have the ability to be used against each other, or also used against police officers, or also innocent citizens."

Weapons stolen from other incidents were also found in this investigation. Three adults and a 17-year-old were arrested.