Tulsa Playgrounds Closed

Oct 13, 2012

Sections of Helmerich Park, 73rd S. Riverside Dr. and Hunter Park, 5800 E. 91st St., are temporarily closed while Parks employees remove mulch that could potentially have plastic pieces or roofing materials included in the playing surface.  March’s Mulch, a contractor of the Parks and Recreation Department, recently delivered a new batch of mulch that was only used in Helmerich and Hunter parks. The City of Tulsa manages 146 parks that cover roughly 6,000+ acres.  One swing area at Helmerich Park has been temporarily closed and all of the playground equipment areas at Hunter Park have been closed.  “After hearing reports from other cities that March’s Mulch may have other materials included in their mulch, the Tulsa Parks and Recreation Department is taking a proactive approach by closing sections of Helmerich and Hunter parks temporarily,” Lucy Dolman, Director of the Parks and Recreation Department said.   The City of Tulsa hopes to have Helmerich Park and Hunter Park open early next week, after the mulch has been replaced in each of the playground areas.