Tulsa Parents Advised to Check Immunization Records

Jul 23, 2013

Credit File Photo

Tulsa Health Department is urging parents to get up-to-date with their kids immunizations for the upcoming school year. Every year clinics begin August with a rush.

Immunization Program Manager, Becky Grubb, says the biggest demand is when students are getting ready for the first day of school.

Becky Grubb: "Getting their paper work in, picking up schedules, and then trying to get into school on that first start day. In Tulsa Country, they start on a variety of days, but it stil doesn't help their long lines maybe for three weeks in August."

Grubb says people wait until school is about to start, which creates long lines.

Becky Grubb: "Not just at the health department, but at doctor's offices, and family practice clinics all over town. So we encourage families to remember to try and get immunizations in a timely manner, and not just wait and respond to that get-into-school demand time."

She reminds that it is common that some students only need a copy of an immunization record for that year, so it is important to check your paper work early before waiting in a long line.