In Tulsa for One Night Only: Marilyn Monroe!

Apr 3, 2014

The 18-ton sculpture Forever Marilyn will spend Friday night in Tulsa as it makes its way across the U.S. to Hamilton, N.J. It is in four pieces for the trip.
Credit Gregg Felson / Forever Marilyn by Seward Johnson, 1996, 2011, The Sculpture Foundation, Inc.

The actress — or, rather, the sculpture of her — has gone to pieces, but it’s OK. She'll still be a special guest at the Brady District's First Friday art crawl.

Forever Marilyn is 25 feet tall and weighs 18 tons, and she’s stopping overnight in Tulsa on her way from Palm Springs, Calif., to Hamilton, N.J. Curator Cynthia Stewart said Marilyn did some primping for her appearance.

"She went through a spa recently, which, in fact, is simply a truck wash," Stewart said. "It's pretty humorous to see photos of her in the middle of a truck wash."

Although the sculpture is in four pieces, Stewart said it could be visible from ONEOK Field.

"You might just be in direct line with third base and look up and say, 'What is that?' So it'll be fun," Stewart said.

The piece will arrive between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m.. It will be on display outside the Hardesty Arts Center in downtown Tulsa.

People can follow the sculpture’s journey on Twitter and Instagram using #isawmarilyn.