The Tulsa Mulch Site Moves to Larger Location

May 6, 2014

The current 50 acre site located at 56th St. N.
Credit File Photo

The current 50 acre site is increasing to 400 acres located east of 129th off of Pine. Director of Streets and Stormwater, Roy Teeters, says the new location will serve more Tulsa residents.

"Plus it's going to allow us to have some cost savings, because we will not be having to transport the wood chips for land reclamation. We will be able to use the wood chips that we make on site to do land reclamation at that location."

Teeters adds the new location is better because it allows more room.

"So, it's substantially larger, which will allow us to do a little bit more stuff. We are currently offering wood chips for free and fire wood for free to anyone who wants to come and get it. We offer a disposal of green waste products for City of Tulsa residents."

The new site opens Wednesday, June 11th.