Tulsa Jail Full. No Room for Municipal Violators

Apr 13, 2013

The Tulsa Jail is on North Denver Ave.
Credit KWGS News

The Tulsa County Jail will no longer accept inmates on municipal charges. The Sheriff’s Department took the action because of overcrowding at the David Moss Center. The jail is now above capacity and the department says it has no room to house people on municipal charges.

The change means those with lesser offenses, such as parking citations or jaywalking will not be going to the Moss Center.

The Sheriff’s Department says it is currently holding 700 more inmates than two years ago. The Tulsa Police Department will be impacted by this decision and released the following statement:

The Tulsa Police Department has been advised the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center has reached its capacity and will not be accepting any prisoners on municipal charges. The only exception to this municipal restriction is when a prisoner is being booked on state charges; municipal charges may be added on.

The Tulsa Police Department will continue to ensure the safety of the citizens of Tulsa is not jeopardized. In any circumstance where an arrestee poses a continuing threat to the public if released they will be arrested and booked on the appropriate state charges.