Tulsa Firefighters Making House Calls After Fatal Fire

Mar 25, 2014

After a fatal house fire last Thursday, Tulsa firefighters go door-to-door to protect neighborhood residents.

"The 'After the Fire' program, we go door-to-door whenever we have a fire fatality and make sure that the neighborhood understands the importance of smoke detectors, and then we make sure that we check them for them if they’d like or install one if they don’t have one," said Assistant Fire Marshal Debra Bailey.

This time it’s in the area of 83rd and Harvard, where one person died last week. Bailey says they’ll help anybody in the neighborhood.

"In case their batteries are out, we’ll replace those, and if the smoke detector is bad or old, we’ll make sure they have a functioning one before we leave," she said.

Bailey says the program is also a good way to get students in the firefighter career academy involved.

There was also a house fire in the Brookside area last Friday. Bailey said there’s sometimes an increase this time of year.