Tulsa Delegate Excited about the DNC

Sep 4, 2012

As the Democratic National Convention gets under way in North Carolina, a Tulsa delegate is pumped. This is the first convention, as a delegate, for long time Democrat activist and Oklahoma State Senator Judy Eason McIntyre. She is excited to be in Charlotte.

Eason-McIntyre: “I have been working in Oklahoma Democratic politics since 1969 when I was a pup. I am now a senior citizen. This is the first time I have ever been a delegate. It is like Christmas, Halloween, summertime all wrapped together for me.”

She is to meet with the First Lady and attend a reception for the Black Legislative Caucus. She is looking forward to the roll call vote where President Obama will officially be nominated for re-election.

Eason-McIntyre:“I have watched it on TV, but to even be in this building, coming in with all the delegates, I can’t even imagine what that feeling is. I got to slow down because I am so excited.”

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