Tulsa Crime Stoppers Program Seeking Funds

Jun 18, 2014

Credit https://www.tulsapolice.org/crime-tips/crime-stoppers-tips.aspx

For decades, Tulsans have been told to call 596-COPS to help solve crimes. Now, Tulsa’s Crime Stoppers program needs help itself. The program is seeing a decrease in funds.

Executive director, Carol Bush, says they are trying to renew funding sources as well as receive new ones.

"So that going forward we can continue to not only do all the good things we have been doing, but to also expand the Crime Stopper program. There's lots of areas that we need to reach out to make it more effective and efficient, and we cannot do that with our current operating budget."

She says instead of solely focusing on fundraisers and grant writing, the program will now focus on corporate

memberships. The membership campaign launched this week.

Bush says an increase in funds will allow expansion in the program.

"One of the areas that we want to expand it into is currently the call center: when you call 596-COPS to give a tip, that's being answered in Texas. We would like to, with our increased funds, to have that call center relocated in Tulsa. That would give us a more quick response rate."

She adds it also allows for a local understanding of Tulsa as a city. Other Crime Stoppers around the country are operated in that way.