Tulsa County Seeks a Criminal Justice Tax

Jul 25, 2013

Tulsa Sheriff Stanley Glanz and others announce plans for a tax initiative for criminal justice
Credit KWGS News

A petition drive is launched for a Tulsa County criminal justice tax. The announcement is made outside the Tulsa jail. It would provide one sixth of a penny for a new juvenile justice center and expansion of the county jail. It’s the same amount of the former 4-to-fix tax, but not the same tax. Sheriff Stanley Glanz admits though, if a Tulsa city ballot passes in November and this proposal passes, it would be a new tax. But he says it’s needed to address a growing safety problem. City officials are not happy the vote coincides with the election date for a proposed $919-million city tax extension.

The county petition drive must gather nearly 18-thousand signatures to get the measure on a November ballot.