Tulsa City Council Action

Tulsa, OK – The Tulsa City Council quizzes Mayoral Chief of Staff Terry Simonson regarding the hiring of a private firm to collect city sales taxes. Simonson says the state legislature tried to block Tulsa's move with a last minute law change.

Mayor Bartlett signed the private contract after the law was changed---but before it was signed by the Governor. The city claims the state---who currently collects the tax--- is leaving money uncollected.


Councilors asked Zoo director Terrie Correll why it was necessary to turn the zoo operation over to a private firm. She told them it would help with fund raising for the zoo. A private firm, she says, could solicit money in ways the city can not.

The council expressed concerns about severance pay to city workers who would no longer be city employees.

Councilor Jack Henderson seemed opposed to the idea, saying he wondered if we would get the the point where the entire city government operation is privatized.