Tulsa Business Hub Receives Accreditation

Mar 20, 2014

The Forge offices in Tulsa
Credit Explore Tulsa

The Forge downtown has received accreditation from the Oklahoma Department of Commerce. It is a business hub downtown for Tulsa entrepreneurs new to the game. Tulsa Chamber's Jessica Flint says this accreditation is another way to nurture startup companies.

"It allows us to offer them, basically,  sanctuary from state income taxes. That will be a huge benefit for them. Since its opening, the Forge has contributed more than 1.5 million to the region's economy - through our current tenants and our graduates."

Flint says the incubator has room for six businesses.

"We have an opening in April, and so we've been rolling companies off as they hit their one to two year mark. We also have a co-working space, where people who are working remotely, or maybe they're not ready for an office space yet, can work out of that space and collaborate with other entrepreneurs or tenants."

She says the hub is for anyone looking to startup a business and it allows others to meet people in the community who may provide beneficial resources.