TU Hosts Energy Conference

Tulsa, OK – The National Energy Policy Institute and The University of Tulsa are presenting "Power for the 21st Century: Reinventing America's Energy Grid," a conference to discuss our nation's energy future. Notable speakers from around the nation will be examining topics relevant to updating America's energy grid in a manner that will improve energy efficiency while reducing carbon emissions and dependence on foreign oil. Leading experts in energy generation, transmission, and regulation will be participating in the conference, individual remarks and panel discussions.

The conference is set for October 7th at the Alan Chapman Activity Center on the TU campus. About 200-people are expected to attend.

Professor William W. Hogan is research director of the Harvard Electricity Policy Group (HEPG), which is exploring the issues involved in the transition to a more competitive electricity market. Professor Hogan has been actively engaged in the design and improvement of competitive electricity markets in many regions of the United States, as well as around the world, from England to Australia. His activities include designing the market structures and market rules by which regional transmission organizations, in various forms, coordinate bid based markets for energy, ancillary services, and financial transmission rights. This research is also part of the larger activities on the future of energy and energy policy research at Harvard University through the Environment and Natural Resources Policy Program, Environmental Economics Program, Harvard University Center for the Environment, and the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government.

For More Information go to NEPinstitute.org