TU and Governor Host Energy Conference

Oct 10, 2013

Governor Fallin speaks at Tulsa Energy Conference
Credit StateImpact

Governor Mary Fallin says the best way for the United States to create jobs, raise the standard of living and compete with other global economies is through the energy industry. Fallin’s speech came just a day after Chesapeake Energy in Oklahoma City announced massive layoffs.

Governor  Fallin didn’t mention the layoffs of about 800 people during her 30-minute speech at her annual energy conference. But she did champion oil, natural gas, coal and renewables like wind, while cheering Oklahoma’s booming “all of the above” energy strategy.

MARY FALLIN:  “I believe that the resources and the successes we have experienced in Oklahoma can help provide a national blueprint for economic growth and the kind of energy production that can help North America be energy independent.”

The conference also featured industry executives, who gave updates on their operations. And a panel of university presidents, who spoke about the challenges of training a new generation of energy workers.