Trash Cart Delivery Begins

Jul 16, 2012

New trash carts are being delivered to Tulsans. The first areas of town to be served are West Tulsa (everything south and west of the Arkansas River) and the section of the city north of I-244 and east of Yale.

“Today we’ll deliver approximately 900 carts. That’s the schedule for the first few weeks,” said Gary Percefull with NeWSolutions, the City of Tulsa’s contracted company in charge of trash and recycling collection.

Later, additional crews will be added, speeding up the delivery process.

All citizens will have received their new trash carts and, unless they chose to opt out of recycling, their new recycling bins by about mid-September.

Residents may begin using the trash and recycling carts immediately.

The City of Tulsa’s Liz Hunt says each delivery will come with a booklet guide to the new system.

“This will be a handy guide that we want Tulsans to hang on to and use as a reference,” she said.

Percefull says that if, as carts are being delivered, residents have questions, a representative of the City will be accompanying each cart delivery truck who will be helping address concerns.

As for old trash cans, the City is “asking residents just to place those containers empty at the curb” on their next collection day, Hunt said. “If possible, mark ‘trash’ on them, because we want to make sure that customer wants to discard those carts or cans.”

“They will be picked up,” she said, “and they will be recycled and converted into energy.”

For more information, and to see which week your carts will be delivered, visit