TPS Logo Change

Tulsa, OK – The public received its first look at the new logo for Tulsa Public Schools. The logo, donated by Walsh Branding of Tulsa, will eventually be emblazoned on all TPS buses and other district-related gear. The Public Information Office planned changes to the district's identity system to occur as part of regular maintenance, so there will be no additional cost.

The logo was unveiled during the TPS board of education's meeting on Monday, August 16. It's rich with symbolism crafted to resemble an open textbook and will complement TPS' vision statement: Excellence and High Expectations with a Commitment to All .

Board members moved the meeting to the north entrance of the Education Service Center so that a bus sporting the district's former logo could pull away to reveal another bus displaying the new look. Dr. Keith Ballard, TPS superintendent, and Dr, Lana Turner-Addison, school board president, broke bottles of nonalcoholic champagne on the front of the bus.

This is the first change to TPS' logo in 16 years.