Toddler Found Wandering North Tulsa

Jul 16, 2013

The sign in front of the Police Department's north side Gilcrease Division.
Credit KWGS News File Photo

Police are not calling it a mother and child reunion. At least, not yet. A woman  called Tulsa Police about 7:30 this morning and told officers the toddler, found wandering overnight in North Tulsa, is her daughter.  She told the Police Call Taker she had left the little girl  with a baby sitter and was unaware she was missing until she heard news reports.

The child was found wandering the 600 block on 55 th Place North around 10:30 PM. The young girl is 19-months old.

Residents who found the child say they had never seen her before and checked around the neighborhood for her parents before calling authorities.

The child is now in protective custody as the investigation continues