Three Vying For Chance To Become Tulsa Prosecutor

Feb 7, 2014

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — The winning candidate for Tulsa County District Attorney will have his work cut out immediately after taking office.

Credit KWGS File Photo

The DA for Oklahoma's second-largest city will oversee dozens of employees and marshal limited funds to target what all three candidates say has become a growing problem in Tulsa: an increase in violent crime.

State Sen. Brian Crain, House Majority Leader Fred Jordan and Assistant District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler, have all announced their candidacy to replace longtime DA Tim Harris, who decided last fall not to run. They're all running as Republicans.

The winner will have to immediately deal with a shrinking budget, several high profile homicide cases and convincing dozens of assistant prosecutors there's a future for them in Tulsa instead of private practice or other counties.