"These Vagabond Shoes / Are Longing to Stray / Right through the Very Heart of It..." (Or, Concerning a Book of Short Essays Called "My First New York")

Tulsa, Oklahoma – Today on StudioTulsa --- in case the "New York, New York" quotation (see above) didn't already tip you off --- we're talking about the maiden voyages and initial experiences had by various people in The Big Apple. Our guest on the show is David Haskell, an editor who works at New York magazine. He's one of the editors who put together a recent anthology of short essays entitled "My First New York: Early Adventures in the Big City (as Remembered by Actors, Artists, Athletes, Chefs, Comedians, Filmmakers, Mayors, Models, Moguls, Porn Stars, Rockers, Writers, and Others)." As Haskell tells our host Rich Fisher, the whole "arriving in New York" personal saga --- as had by so many different people, so often, for so many years now --- is something that has basically stayed very much the same. (A remarkable fact, and perhaps even a surprising one, for a city of more than 8 million people.) Sometimes romanticized, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes funny, and sometimes strange, the autobiographical recollections gathered in "My First New York" --- as offered by Yogi Berra, Chuck Close, Judy Collins, Danny DeVito, David Dinkins, Ira Glass, Keith Hernandez, Colum McCann, Audra McDonald, Liza Minnelli, Mike Myers, Parker Posey, David Rakoff, Dan Rather, Amy Sedaris, Liz Smith, Rufus Wainwright, Tom Wolfe, and many others --- can make for some interesting reading, and will surely appeal to anyone who's ever been to NYC (or wondered about doing so).