Ten Digit Dialing is here

Tulsa, OK – Not all in NE Okla. are ready for 10-digit dialing

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Not all residents and businesses are ready for mandatory 10-digit dialing to come to northeastern Oklahoma.

The change starts Saturday, and all local calls in the area will require a 10-digit number. It's part of an "overlay" plan to add a new 539 area code to the existing geographic 918 area code. The 918 area code numbers are expected to run out in 2012.

Local businesses that have not changed their Private Branch Exchange system will have trouble making phone calls. The change also affects alarm and security systems, fax systems and auto-dialing systems.

Paul Wheeler of Tulsa's Accent Realtors said his 15 employees will have to hand dial the 500 calls they make each day because the company has not switched over its auto-dialing system.