Taylor Picks Up Christiansen Endorsement

Nov 6, 2013

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Credit KWGS News

Seven weeks after saying he would not support Dewey Bartlett but stopping short of offering an endorsement, former mayoral challenger Bill Christiansen has thrown his support behind Kathy Taylor.

"We need someone who will bring this city together in a nonpartisan way," Christiansen said in a press conference at VFW Post 557. "That is why I am here today to announce my support of Kathy Taylor for mayor of Tulsa."

Christiansen got 23 percent of the vote in June's mayoral primary, which narrowed the field down to Taylor and Bartlett.

Taylor said the endorsement is a result of she and Christiansen wanting the same things for Tulsa.

"Earlier this year, I joined Councilor Christiansen in this race, because we discussed that we both strongly believed Tulsa needed new leadership," she said. "Through the years, we have agreed on the core principles of transparency and accountability for government."

The endorsement comes less than a week before election day.